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Netspeak (150 characters)

I’m not one for ‘netspeak’
It really makes me sick
To throw aside our syntax
And make yourself look thick

150 characters
Is all the space we need
For our hopes, our dreams, our aspirations!
(it costs more if we exceed)

Orwell thought this would happen
But called it ‘newspeak’ (the quack!)
If he had have changed the ‘w’
He’d be more along our track

Say whatever you want
But don’t keep it simple and plain!
What’s that you write? Brb?
‘Lol’ we do exclaim!

We feel the need to tell eachother
How we look when we have read
All our ‘lol’s ‘lmao’s and ‘rofl’s
We wouldn’t want to have mislead
: D

But don’t think you’ll avoid it
It happens to the best
So start using those num63r5
nd gve ths vwls a rst

So here’s to you, netspeak
You grammar ignoring fad
As far as idiom revolutions go
You’re the best we’ve ever had
Written for a mate of mine- hope she likes it
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October 5, 2009
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