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Rudolph's Confession

Without trying to be boastful
I think I can safely admit
That out of all the reindeers here
That number one is where I sit

The whole wide world adores me
And remember my name quite well
But the world doesn't know my secret
…so I guess now it's time to tell.

I came to the north pole workshop
A bright eyed (and nosed) newbie guy
Santa signed me up straight away
And promised me I'd be sky high

That year I led the foggy way
My red gleaming nose and I soared!
The taunting and teasing stopped dead
And I was now loved and adored

But the following year changed that
When I asked to fly lead again
Santa gave a shake of his head
And proceeded to explain

This is no foggy Christmas Eve
My sight's fine, I think you'd agree…
Last year was only a once of
So Rudolph, stop badgering me!

Little did I know Mr. Claus
had stuck in a 'clause' of his own
The contract I signed years ago
Banned me from 'Perfect weather zones'

Clear skies I'm not allowed to fly
Only under fog and downpour
…But there's been no foggy Christmas
Since Nineteen hundred and four!

Every year dancer and prancer
And all the other arrogant sods
Jingle their bells and fly away
While I stay here with the elves

So don't bother looking upwards
For the sleigh and the man so fat
You won't see a red light shining
(My contract doesn't allow that)
Poor Rudolph...

Note: ALWAYS read the fine print.
Allexaire Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2010
Funny as!
I'd almost forgotten, this is what TAFE does to you... you sit and re-read poems.
SoBo113 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2009
Aww, poor Rudolph :(
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